Our Story


We are one global family who builds authentic relationships and have fun together. We are nurturing and supportive – we work together and stand by one another for the common cause of making life better


We are committed to working in a spirit of excellence by going the extra mile to ensure superior quality in the products we develop and in how we serve our customers. We embrace continuous new development, investing in our products, our programmes and our people. We are continuously focusing on change and doing things better and utilising technology to create a revolution in our industry.


We are committed to delivering on an objective with an honest, straightforward and ethical approach. We are open and transparent and we do what is right to provide a solid supportive foundation for both families and businesses.


We are extremely passionate about what we do. Our business is about people, changing life and having a positive attitude always. Our passion is to deliver the very best products, opportunities, and services – raising the bar to which everyone else aspires.


Opportunity is the heart of our business. We are purpose driven. We inspire others to become their best.

Enjoy your health and the lifestyle that comes with it.

The Empowerment2Health team are passionate about what we do and changing the lives of everyone we meet. Our aim is to empower people to enjoy a healthier lifestyle to look better, feel better & live better & inspire others to do the same!

Our core values are based upon Family, Excellence, Integrity, Passion and Empowerment. These values guide us in every aspect of conducting our business. They guide us on how to build our business, how we work with our customers, how we work together as a team and most importantly how we deliver the goals for Health2Wealth. Our values are explicit and linked to the performance of every individual working directly with our customers.

Our Team

Meet the people leading the drive for better health

My journey with SALADMASTER started when I invested in SALADMASTER health system because of my health. With blood pressure, arthritis, breathing problems and weight issues, my health has improved after continued use of the SALADMASTER cookware.

I was so impressed I started introducing families and friend’s and after a year I was invited into the business, so I decided to join the company to spread the good news of the cookware. 

I have excelled here, being here has build my confidence to the point that I can easily speak to people and as a result I’ve gain a lot of new friends who are becoming family.

The best part for me is helping to change my customers’ lives, and in return it has changed my LIFE. I am now a business owner and SALADMASTER has helped me mentally physically by giving me the confidence to grow and to help others on their journey to become their own business owners. The job satisfaction is phenomenal!

The future is bright in SALADMASTER and I’m looking forward to where it takes us as a team and family .


Pamella Williams Doyle

Let me begin by saying that when I decided to go to a SALADMASTER demonstration, I firmly decided that I would not be manipulated into making a purchase.

As the host went through the many details regarding SALADMASTER’s healthy cookware system and the food demonstration I was sure this was something that I wanted to invest in.

I purchased the SALADMASTER system strictly for the health benefits, this was the motivating factor for me, as the health and wellbeing of my family is my number one priority. I am very proud to say not only did I invest; I also joined the company. My journey with SALADMASTER has been fruitful and rewarding. I have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy changing lives by helping families to cook in a much healthier way. I strongly recommend the SALADMASTER cooking system for all of its benefits.

– Sheron Herridge

Praises to the Most High and Greetings to each and everyone. What truly has inspired me to be and play a part in the SALADMASTER family, where we change lives for the better, is the genius that lies within each and everyone of us, that spark, that essence called LIFE. We all deserve an opportunity to know the betterment of Health and Nutrition and what it brings to our lives. This can be achieved with SALADMASTER engineered Cookware systems, thus allowing us the opportunity to live healthier lifestyles by being more in control of our processes, to change lives is truly a powerful thing, leaving us more chance to be Healthy, Active, Powerful, Prepared, Inspired, Energetic, Ready(For Life) = Happier. These are my very reasons why I’m so glad, humble and excited to be on my Journey within the realms of SALADMASTER

– Simon

Hi my name is Mohamed, I am part of the Empowerment2health family whose aims and mission is to educate the community on how to get back to healthy home cooked meals.

I have been inspired by the whole movement, encouraging and informing the community on how to eliminate toxins from our lives to be able to obtain optimum health and make informed decisions, in order to become our own doctors.

Like Imhotep quoted, Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.

I have been an Electric vegan for quite sometime, and understand about ph levels so when I witnessed the SALADMASTER presentation I was sold and knew I had to do my part in assisting the community to take back control through the power of knowledge and wisdom.


I choose SALADMASTER because I believe in the product. I love how it makes feel, It changed my life and I have not looked back . I had my own retail stores, passionate about feeling and looking good.

When I Discovered SALADMASTER showed me how to look after your body inside not just outside. The business has great potential of Independence and financial freedom .Also SALADMASTER gives me the opportunity to help people and encourage them to have a better lifestyle .

-Caroline Allen

I was first introduced to a SALADMASTER by a friend to a presentation, the presentation had opened my eyes and mind on how the way we cook our food and what we are losing from our food , it also helped me understand how I was losing the important nutrients from my food.

SALADMASTER has changed my life in a fundamental way where I have saved money, spending less time in the kitchen and more time with my family; I can see the impact SALADMASTER has on my family and I am very proud to be apart of this family sharing this wonderful cookware to everyone. I’ve always said that if I introduce anyone to SALADMASTER I tell them to think about what’s important to you and your family, that the journey we take is always a better path and a healthier journey.

I am very proud to be SALADMASTER ambassador, the health benefit , the benefit of earning and sharing healthy lifestyles as well as gaining a wonderful family unity .

-Tracey Miller