Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put Saladmaster cookware in the dishwasher?

Yes, but first remove the handles, Over time, repeated washing in the dishwasher could dull the cover knob or handles. We recommend using an energy-efficient air-dry cycle .

After I’ve lowered the cooking temperature and the vapor seal has formed, can I lift the lid?

Go ahead and take a peek! Just make sure that, after replacing the lid, you spin the lid slightly so that the Vapo Valve clicks, indicating it has resealed itself. If you don’t hear the “click,” increase the heat slightly until the valve clicks, then reduce the temperature setting back to low.

What if my gas range cooks at a higher temperature than normal?

If your lowest temperature setting is still too high, you may need to purchase a heat-diffusing pad for your gas stove burner.

Can I ever cook using high heat?

Excessive heat could cause stainless steel to warp. Also, foods are more likely to stick, scorch, or burn. Cooking with high heat can also cause food to shrink, become dry and could deplete nutritional value. It’s okay to bring large amounts of liquid to a boil over medium-high heat, for when you need to boil water for dry goods like rice, pasta or beans, but reduce the heat to low after the boiling point has been reached.

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