Our Mission

“At Empowerment2Health we believe Your Health Is Your Greatest Wealth”. We are exceptional and visionary people, we have done and will continue to do exceptional things. Commitment and taking care of our customers is core to our business.


Inspiring the World to Cook More

From humble beginnings in 1946 to the leader in cookware and innovation, Saladmaster has been changing lives one healthy meal at a time. Our founder Harry Lemmons started the company with a simple salad cutting machine – The Saladmaster Food Processor. 



We are passionate about what we do and changing the life of everyone we meet. We help people enjoy a healthier lifestyle in order to  Look better! Feel better! And Live better. We do this simply by reducing the fats & oils in your diet and by maximizing the nutrition in the everyday food you eat using our very Specialist Cookware. We take a holistic approach to preventing and reversing disease and offer products that help treat you and not your condition. Our Saladmaster products are designed to help families steer away from lifestyle illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, heart related problems and many more. 

An Experience Worth Sharing

Food is what brings family and friends together. Enhancing the experience of cooking and gaining a deeper understanding and respect for nutrition is what we at Empowerment2Health share with our customers.

So do book a complimentary experience with us where you and the family can enjoy food cooked in luxury cookware in its purest form. We cook with no water, no fats, no oils maintaining maximum nutrition and food that is full of flavour.

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